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Trading platform — Trade99 offers multiple trading accounts to its traders. Trade99 makes use of MetaTrader4 , a trading platform trusted by the most experienced traders and investors. Boasting of advanced trading tools, MT4 has an intuitive interface. It lets its users in on all economic news and events and, more importantly, all trading opportunities in the most opportune timeframes. But not only that, investors and traders are availed of Live Chats from Trade99’s able-minded support team.

These acknowledgments indicate that Trade99 is a brokerage company that upholds reliability. Its licenses and permits also secure traders that it is a safe platform. With all of its offered features, it is safe to say that Trade99 is an estimable platform. This fact sheet explains how to control Salmonella and Campylobacter in poultry production for on-farm slaughter operations. Information includes preparation of slaughter areas, implementation of good slaughter practices and further processing and packaging.

  • Unfortunately they now have my phone number and in the last 3 days thet have phoned me 24 times trying to convince me to change my mind.
  • Not only is it equipped with a high level of security, but it also promotes learning and provides education for traders.
  • First off, Trade99 has not indicated anywhere on its website a license or an agency of regulatory operations.
  • The account types are, namely Supreme, Limitless, Absolute, Infinite, and Eclat.

Statistics are organized by the wildlife management unit in which cases were found, highlighting new cases by the calendar year in which the report was compiled. To reiterate, the worldwide web is rife with reviews that you can either take with a grain of salt or by rhetoric. Wise is the trader who would go to lengths just to safeguard not only potential profit but also the integrity of the trading industry. The good thing about availing of any of the accounts is that Trade99 adheres to the industry standard of the deposit minimum of $250. And should you find yourself challenged on which account to choose, the company’s support team would be more than willing to accommodate all your queries to help you out in choosing.

The FCA says that the company ran an unregulated scheme in the UK and warned its citizens against it. Based on everything written so far, you can conclude easily that Trade99 is a scam broker with a shady past and unknown future. The company was established offshore in the Commonwealth of Dominica and has no regulation whatsoever for its operations. Trade99 offered me the MT5 trading platform, which is one of the secured platforms for trading, and have advanced technical facilities for successful trading on the various available market. Even their tech support team is highly cooperative and friendly.


It appears to be nothing more than a small website that gives its approval to offshore brokers, with no apparent review or regulation policies. The Financial Commission has placed Trade99 in its A-Category; it is not clear what this designation implies. Even if the Financial Commission does have the full intent of regulating Trade99, they don’t have the authority of a national regulatory body. Without the legal inspection, whenever this company runs into a scandal they could simply vanish overnight. This membership has many benefits, and one of them is the protection of 20,000 Euros for each complaint filed.

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The ACO Bulletin is a quarterly newsletter providing updates on the work of the Aboriginal Consultation It is meant to serve as a communication tool with First Nations, Metis Settlements, industry groups and other stakeholders interested in keeping updated on the work of the ACO. Trade99’s deposit and withdrawal info page is furnished with a more detailed explanation for these processes. Regarding withdrawals, Trade99 ensures a speedy withdrawal process.

Absolute 100% bunch of scammers

The bait and switch of the Trade99 app is just another reason that traders should stay away. If i talk about the best trading service, then Trade99 is the only name that comes in my mind. This trading platform is very user-friendly and easy to access. One thing i liked the most about it is that i can access my account from anywhere and any device.

To get all the information, take a look at what other traders talk about it on Trade99 Reviews. A broker that operates in Hong Kong would have to register with the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission, which would hold the broker to high standards. Spreads and Commission — The only thing that is not good with Trade99 is its high spreads. Trade99 charges service fees, withdrawal fees, and deposit fees. The firm offers a trade bonus, which is mainly dependent on the amount of the withdrawal made.

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After a client opened an account, this platform is ready to use equipped with tools and instruments. Since this is an MT4 platform, trade placement is rapidly granted. Trade99 has created quite an emphasis on readily-available customer support – whether it is a technical or fundamental inquiry. Trade99’s brokerage services provide a 24/7 live chat support that is readily available for all the clients’ needs. With active communication channels live even through the trading sessions, Trade99 provides maximum assistance through open channels at least five times a week. This kind of set up tends to guarantee that the exchange is trustworthy and has prioritized their clients’ best interest at heart.


With everything that has been said regarding Trade99, it’s easy to see that interested parties need not be apprehensive about signing up with the company. Through the site, the company had made sure that all understand the trading software. Trade99 is a cryptocurrency broker that is the first to employ a fully-regulated and Bitcoin-based CFD platform.

It has even been named the “Best Crypto trade99 review” and was awarded for having the most efficient platform. In addition, the companies claiming to do so are also going to scam you. Note that the content on this site should not be considered investment advice. It goes against our guidelines to offer incentives for reviews. They take your money then when you want to phone them the number does not respond. Unfortunately they now have my phone number and in the last 3 days thet have phoned me 24 times trying to convince me to change my mind.

Trade99 Reviews

Of course, when it comes to exchanging brokers, regulation is one of the top and most important factors that traders must look for first above all else. Trade99 also operates with a valid license that has passed all tests and assessments required to consider the broker a legitimate one. On top of all that, Trade99 is backed up by the industry with its claims of legitimacy and credibility. Trade99 holds an assortment of trading account types up for offer.

  • Track orders, save products, easy hassle-free returns & exchanges.
  • As an offshore broker, Trade99 offers its services to essentially anyone with a computer, regardless of local regulations on online brokers.
  • Supreme Account requires a minimum deposit of $300 worth of Bitcoins.
  • The firm offers a trade bonus, which is mainly dependent on the amount of the withdrawal made.
  • Trading and investment with an unregulated broker imply a risk of loss as they do not have a control of any administrative body.

Hopefully, it may reveal something that may help you better in understanding Trade99 should you be considering about trading with them. This is not the first, and it wont be the last, time that a shady broker fails to deliver on Metatrader platforms. Take GCG Asia where the MT4 is agreed as part of the experience, yet utterly fails at delivering. Trade99 offers excellent features, along with providing an impressive trading platform. A modern trading platform by Trade99 is not only user-friendly, but it also contains the advanced analytical tools necessary to trade in a productive manner.

The advertisement showed up in the SMH after news about Atlassian boss fortunes in This was an unfortunate link that ended me in $500 invested in their supposed bitcoin. I lost the money despite that I asked about cancellation many times to no avail and to more deceit. The worrying part is the identification I provided to the scammers, address, phone email and Mastercard that I cancelled after. It’s safe to say that Trade99 was not found in the commission’s registry which puts it in the category of UNREGULATED brokers. Trade99 is one of the most trustable online trading platforms; I ever experienced until now.

This fact sheet explains how to control the spread of Listeria in on-farm slaughter operations. Listeria monocytogenes is a pathogenic bacteria which has been linked to a variety of ready-to-eat foods, including deli meats, fermented or dried sausages, and hot dogs. This annual report lists statistics about the spread of chronic wasting disease cases in Alberta’s deer species over time, starting from 2005, when the first such cases were reported.

I’m doing trade exchange with Trade99 for past few months; I have tried many other traders before trading with Trade99, but working with them makes the difference. We want photos of your heavy metal tshirts to keep for future generations! (All posts are Copyright by their TSS Member under creative commons 3.0). This factsheet describes the importance of cleaning and sanitation at an on-farm meat processing operation. Information includes seven steps of cleaning and sanitizing, and verifying the effectiveness of cleaning and sanitation. Trade99 protects the interests of its users through securing funds for its accounts.

These certifications denote that the brokerage firm underwent intensive inspections and reviews and have met requirements crucial for validation. It holds a Dominican Republic license, which means it has reached standards and that regulatory bodies are satisfied with Trader99’s rendered services and solutions. As already made known in the earlier parts of this feature, Trade99 has a license from the Dominican Regulatory Commission. Trade99 knows the game and knows the corresponding penalties for brokerage companies that do not secure their clients’ funds. As such, the company uses SSL Encryption to ensure the safety of funds. Trade99’s website speaks of attractive offers that would have traders scrambling for their digital wallets.

trading tools

Trade99’s withdrawal method is never less easy compared to the deposit method. A rapid withdrawal transaction should be put on a list of things to be considered, as this involves funds. Anomalies in withdrawal automatically charge brokers with mal-activity; that’s why it is imperative to go for brokers that offer a quick execution of such. Remember that this is not absolute as withdrawal depends on the users’ preferred method, but it must observe the generally practiced timeline.


After reviewing this site, it can be safe to say that Trade99 is indeed a legitimate cryptocurrency broker at its best. It has seemed to pass on all the boards in terms of features, technology, bonuses, and safety and security. Like it’s the case with many scam brokers, the Trade99 trading platform is also a WebTrader. It’s easy to manipulate it, it’s easy to change prices, and it’s easy to lose client’s money. Since withdrawal is not an option with such a broker, they needed to find a way to lose your money and show it to you explicitly.

Each requires its minimum deposit that is usually measured in Bitcoin’s equivalent. On, first-time traders can get up to speed with the aid of its education and training center that boasts an expansive library of materials, tutorials, and references. The only hints we get from them are found in the T/C and in the Contact Us page. No matter how you’ve been scammed, Global Refund Group can uncover the vital details you need to find justice. Since the broker has no regulation, no, your money is not safe with it. The leverage, however, is not listed anywhere on the broker’s website.

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